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Elevate your Salon Brand Experience and  Attract clients like a #boss... without picking up your phone!

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Harness the power of messenger, without increasing your workload... Let me ask you this... are you more likely to check your Facebook messenger or emails every hour

Attract New Clients

Attract New Clients like a #Boss. Super-charge your Social Media and Website Marketing strategies to engage new clients and turn them into new client bookings

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By the time I got back my salon was SO busy, I was like OMG!!!


Lady & The Hair


Salonbot has made such an amazing difference to the amount of time we spend after salon hours replying to our amazing clients, giving us back some spare time 😊 We love our Bot πŸ’—πŸ’—.


Vikki Bono
Freedom Hair Artistry

"My Salon messenger is going nuts with new client after new client!!! We don’t have quiet weeks anymore because I have a whole new way of contacting a database of new clients."

In Awe Salon

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✨ Will it really save me time?  Can it really bring me, new clients?
✨ Will my clients like it?  What is involved?
✨ I don't know where to start?
My 'Tell All' Webinar will show you how to Harness the Power of SalonBot (without having to work or be glued to your phone 24/7) and turn your 'likes' into bookings πŸ™β€‹πŸ’–β€‹β€‹πŸ’‡β€‹
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Lady & The Hair SalonBot Success

Having a Messenger Bot really helps because it ACTUALLY works and you know you are targeting and reaching all the right people”

We caught up with Prue Tonkinson, Owner of Lady & The Hair, about how she uses SalonBot to supercharge her Facebook Messenger and grow her Salon. Her insights are incredible, if you have been contemplating mixing up your Social Media, you’ll want to read this latest blog.

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Not only can Clients have their needs met... instantly... You can help improve the numbers of new clients actually making a booking. Growing your business without having to pick up your phone all hours of the night...

Salon Bot is a Messenger chat experience... especially for Hair and Beauty Salon Businesses. Harness the power of messenger in your business... Without increasing your workload... Click below & I'll message you more about it. 

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