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You're ready to start turning your 'Likes' into bookings and gain your life back with not having to check incoming messages every hour! Harness the power of instant messenger and have marketing that actually converts into bookings.

SalonBot is a Messenger chat experience... espically for Hair and Beauty Salon Businesses

Harness the power of messenger in your business... Without increasing your workload... Not only can Clients have their needs met instantly, you can help improve the numbers of new clients actually making a booking, growing your business without having to pick up your phone all hours of the night.

Hi, I'm Larissa Macleman.

I love helping Salon Owners with their marketing strategies, the latest technology and working smarter, not harder in salon businesses.

We’re spending more time on our phones between the other activities in our lives, we’re not on messenger only in salon hours but in the evening & on the weekends and business is spilling into your personal lives... But what if you could Elevate your Brand Experience, not only to reply instantly but to give them a REALLY GREAT Experience.

With SalonBot you can harness the power of messenger in your business... Without increasing your workload...

Salon's Using SalonBot


By the time I got back my salon was SO busy,
I was like OMG!!!


Lady & The Hair


Honestly saves me so much time! Marketing through SalonBot is so much better than our email marketing.


CK & Co Hair & Beauty

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