Why does no one see my posts?! EVER!

Coming up with content isn't easy, ever. And it's much worse when you spend hours doing it and all you hear are crickets once you post. Ugh, talk about not worth it, right?! …

Not quite. The Facebook Algorithm is actually is trying to work in your favour... if you treat it right and know how to tickle its fancy.  

There are a trillion reasons under the sun as to why clients aren't seeing your Facebook Posts. However, the main reason is that you haven't quite worked out how to be seen.

And don’t go thinking that putting money into a post is going to help either.  

I often see people blaming the Facebook Algorithm for a drop in reach and engagement and for the most part, that is likely true. But it's not because the Facebook Algorithm has changed. Its because for some reason, the Algorithm has decided that your content is not content that's going to keep people on the Facebook platform for longer.

Essentially, that's what the Facebook Algorithm does. It takes...

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