Forget ‘Likes’, Build Connections

‘Likes’ aren’t everything.

I know you’ve probably heard this before, but has it really sunk in yet?

Even in the world of Social Media Marketing, where it really does feel as though ‘likes’ do mean quiiiite a lot... I promise you, they aren’t as important as you think. You know why?

Instead of aiming to get as many ‘likes’ as possible on our Social Posts, we should really be aiming to create connections.

It feels like somewhere along the way, we have forgotten the word ‘Social’ in Social Media. ‘Social’ means interacting with others, forming connections, relationships and even friendships. You know... like, being social.

We’ve become so obsessed with ‘likes’ that Instagram has actually recently considered taking away the option for others to see how many ‘likes’ a photo has gotten, in the hopes that the focus will be less on ‘likes’.

It’s just like when people...

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How to Create Months of Content in an Hour

“I know I need to do Social Media... but I just don’t have time!”

This is one of the most common challenges faced by the Salon Owners that I work with. So often, Salon Owners ask me how to make the time for Social Media, and that it feels so daunting to post regularly!

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. I have put together some actionable tips and tricks so that coming up with content for Social Media can be simple, and not take up too much time at all.

The answer is simple: batch, batch, batch!


Create Several Months of Content in an Hour

Batching content for your Social Media is an efficient and time-saving way to make sure you’re posting regularly, without having to sit down every day and think of what to post.

It’s about time we started prioritising Social Media... it’s pretty much taking over the world! So we need to start taking it seriously. Dedicating an allocated amount of time to planning and batching all content...

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